Laurel Taylor is an interdisciplinary artist, art witch, and internationally recognized experimental film maker. Her interdisciplinary works include printmaking, oil paintings, works on paper, experimental video, and installation. All works are made in ritual with reoccurring themes of presence, empowerment, transformation, and healing trauma within the soul. Laurel presents an experience for audiences that provokes some of the hidden emotions that are too often pushed down and forgotten.

  She was trained in 3-D and 2-D mediums at Bradley University and the University of New Mexico - Taos. Laurel obtained her Associate in Fine Arts with honors at the University of New Mexico Taos in Spring 2020 and has shown in multiple galleries. Laurel has been awarded the Andy Johnson Arts Scholarship, Quail Roost Scholarship, and the Betsy Carey Scholarship for the Arts while attending the University of New Mexico - Taos. 

  She most recently had work showing at Third Taos Revolt Show at Revolt Gallery and in PASEO Project's: Windows on the Future. Her experimental short art film "What are you holding?" won People's Choice in the Seco Sanctuary Film Festival. Laurel also won first place in the Paseo Project's Taos County Counts Poster Competition. She also spoke at Taos' 10th Anniversary Pecha Kucha Talk. Laurel completed her last installation of New Moon in the Revolt Hut in front of Revolt Gallery for the months of August - October 2020.

  During the pandemic, Laurel dove head first into the block printing portal and began creating a variety of art prints including prints, altar cloths, fabric wall hangings and wearable art. Every month she releases creations exclusively on Instagram. Most items sell out within the 24 hours of release on the platform. All items are unique, one-of-a-kind block print designs and she makes sure to keep prices reasonable to create art that is accessible to all income brackets for releases. Since beginning her printmaking journey and creating Wilde.Ink Shop, Laurel has been recruited to create custom designs for local companies in New Mexico. 

Laurel sees her block printing journey as an opening to the conversation and issues surrounding women in the home and workplace, calling upon feminist artists before her that utilized pattern and decoration to provoke dialogue about these issues. Women have carried the weight of becoming teachers, self- motivated workers, and homemakers from COVID-19. We see mothers expected to just make it happen without the support that humanity has functioned with for centuries. They are left home alone without community and that has left so many people behind in the darkness.


Patterns begin with an anchor in nature. Laurel chooses an aspect of nature and the human condition to focus on for the creation of the block and then through experimentation and guidance through meditation configures a pattern that either highlights or disguises the original singular block. Some patterns require more of a dance on the surface than others, but they all have messages of hope, love, and forward movement for the viewer. 


 Since the pandemic began, Laurel has come face to face with the challenges women and mother's face juggling their children's schooling, their own work, and self-care. Through her own personal experiences in this time, Laurel reclaimed her work and self-care by committing her time and energy to creating pattern and design to sustain herself through the pandemic financially and for her own mental health. "As I stepped into my power through these creations, I found more balance in my life. I became more present during the times I used to be less patient, I began to come from a place of love and true nature instead of the places of fear and anxiety that were there before. I have chosen to homeschool my children during this pandemic to create a stronger bond with them and also to nourish their interests instead of learning from a standardized test curriculum. I decided to take these same notions for myself and my art practice - to choose to learn and create from my heart instead of what the consumer wants."

It is recommended to follow Laurel on Instagram to get the most up to date information on designs, studio work, and exclusive releases @wilde.ink. 


Photograph by Hayley Harper, 2020.


2020 Revolt HUT, Revolt Gallery – Taos


2020 The Third Taos Revolt, Revolt Gallery – Taos


2020 Art in Solidarity, Virtual Encore Gallery, Taos Center for the Arts – Taos


2020 Windows on the Future, Vital Spaces, Taos, New Mexico

2020 Under The Radar: 12 Women Artists of Taos, Revolt Gallery – Taos 


2020 Seco Sanctuary Film Festival, Arroyo Seco, New Mexico

2020 Self Portraits in Isolation Group Exhibition, Virtual Encore Gallery, Taos Center for the Arts – Taos


2020 Found Paper Group Exhibition, Atrium Gallery, University of New Mexico – Taos

2019 40 Under 40 Show, Encore Gallery, Taos Center for the Arts – Taos

2019 Mini Show, Atrium Gallery, University of New Mexico – Taos 

2019 Recycled Art Show, Atrium Gallery, University of New Mexico – Taos

2019 Still Life Group Exhibition Atrium Gallery, University of New Mexico – Taos

2019 Impressionist Group Exhibition, Atrium Gallery, University of New Mexico – Taos

2019 Self Portrait Group Exhibition, Atrium Gallery, University of New Mexico – Taos


2020 People's Choice, Sanctuary Film Festival, Arroyo Seco, New Mexico

2020 Official Selection, International Endoscopic Film Festival, Currents New Media Festival, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2020 Honorable Mention, LA Underground Film Forum, Los Angeles, CA

2020 Official Selection, Twisted Tales Festival, UK


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Fine Art Experience

2020 - Taos Center for the Arts Curatorial Committee Board Member, Taos, NM


2019 - Present Sarah Stolar Art Studio Assistant, Santa Fe, NM

2020 - Curator/Social Media Manager, Revolt Gallery, Taos, NM

2019 - 2020 Gallery Assistant, Atrium Gallery, University of New Mexico – Taos, Taos, NM